Can Drinking Beer Really Increase A Persons Lifespan?

Drinking craft beer has many health benefits. If you are a beer lover, you are getting extra protection against health problems like heart attacks, heart diseases, and stroke. However, these benefits can only be achieved if you moderately drink beer. It is crucial to note that excessive beer drinking can be dangerous given the multiple components that make beer.

So, What Does Beer Consist of Besides Hops & Barley?

Many beer lovers do not bother finding out the ingredients that make up their favorite beer. Although this may not be necessarily important, learning about what is in your beer may be helpful, especially when you are taking it to boost your health. Here is a list of all the common ingredients and general nutrition info on your average 12 oz beer made in the USA

-Fiber. In every two glasses of beer, there is 10 percent of fiber. This is an equivalent amount to the one recommended by doctors.
-Lactoflavin and nicotinic acid improve sleep.
-Vitamin B, zinc, riboflavin and niacin.
-Antiviral properties. They help fight against pneumonia and bronchitis.

The Health Benefits of Beer

According to research, thirty-one percent of people who moderately take this popular alcoholic drink rarely suffer from heart stroke, heart disease or heart attack. The research further explains that forty percent of this group of people are less likely to develop kidney stones.

Two glasses can help reduce the adverse effects of diabetes if consumed every day. It is also vital to note that the high alcoholic content of beer can help reduce cholesterol levels in the human body. Women who drink at least five beers every week can count themselves lucky as they are less likely to develop rheumatoid arthritis.

Did you know that beer can boost the strength of your bones? Beer constitutes dietary silicone that helps strengthen bones. Besides, the flavonoids and antioxidants in beer help fight against cancer, particularly prostate cancer.

The Relationship Between Beer and the Brain

Beer has a major connection with the brain. First of all, if you are a woman and you drink beer every day, then you guaranteed of retaining your mental abilities. This mostly happens as you age unlike in the case of women who drink beer heavily or take none. In addition to this, beer drinkers have a reduced risk of dementia.

As stated above, beer is made of silicon among other ingredients, and this helps reduce the aluminum levels that cause Alzheimer’s disease. A recent study shows that beer can help improve the ability to solve problems. These findings were a result of participants who had 0.075 blood alcohol content. The drinkers could solve puzzles quicker compared to those who lacked any blood alcohol content.

Beer Improves Your Overall Health Outlook

The antioxidants; ferulic acid found in beer protects the human skin against sunlight damages. The vitamins in beer enhance the natural skin shine and reduce acne. They also boost hair growth. You can directly use beer in your hair. The yeast strengthens the hair and the malt nourishes it.

Final Word

People have different perceptions about drinking beer, and there are many positive and negative beer reviews. If you look at the positive side of drinking beer, you will realize a lot of health benefits. However, the thing is; drink beer responsibly and moderately and you will enjoy a long life span.You can participate in the 2021 beer festivals and learn more.